Teldene R40MLT

Polypropylene Random Copoylmer (PPRC)

Teldene R40MLT

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Key Characteristics  Organoleptically suitable for food contact  Nucleated random copolymer, contains anti-static agent  Excellent processability and flow-ability  Excellent transparency and dimensional stability  Good impact resistance  Potential for energy and cycle time saving  Reactor grade, no per-oxide added  Suitable for defined medical/Pharam-packing applications, subject to NATPET approval  Food contact approval for specific applications (Refer to NATPET)

Processing Methods  Injection Molding, TWIM

Product Data Sheets

  • Technical Data Sheet of PPRC Teldene R40MLT Download

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Product Applications

• Suitable for high clarity injection molding and Injection-Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM) applications

• Used for the production of housewares and cosmetic packaging, TWIM articles for food and non-food applications, CD cases and caps & closures and component parts for automotive industry